This sounds mainly like a


This sounds mainly like a problem with your card quality/speed. I use a generic MicroCenter 32gb class 10 in my SDT750, and although it is generic, it was cheap for a 32gb card and it works flawlessly for me. I have other cheaper brands and have had horrid issues almost to what you are explaining. The biggest advantage is it is a class 10 card which is a pretty decent speed on an SDHC card.

Now as for files splitting..

This will happen regardless of the speed of card. This is standard for any solid state camera, as files will be limited to under 4GB each due to the fat32 format. The length that you are describing between each file though is pretty baffling, and is why I believe it is a speed/quality problem. When I pull straight off the camera I lose at most 1-2 frames between files. I believe the Panasonic software can import your files and stitch them together and you wont even see the missing frames (the information is still on the camera but the nature of splitting them and using as separate files slightly masks some of it). My Sony has similar software that combines all my footage from my Z5s off my CF cards. I truly have never used the Panasonic software though as my Panasonic at best is always a 3rd camera for me and rarely use it for lengthy clips. When I do I just deal with the missing frame and you can barely notice it.

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