This should work and if it


This should work and if it does you will be very pleased with the results.
1) Use a Sony VX2100
2) Remove all filters in order to avoid flair effect.
3) Set the shutter speed at one-thirtieth

Without the strobe, automatic focus should work fine. You might try it anyway. Due to the strobe, the automatic focus may tend to mistakenly focus in the super close-up zone from time to time. Because of the strobe lighting, one more setting to deal with:

4) Set focus to manual at the infinity position. Essentially, everything at 10 feet and beyond will be sharp. If the strobe dies, you will lose this deep depth of field; just switch back to auto focus.

The effect of shooting this way may not look like reality; it may look better than that. The above may work with other cams, but setting to a thirtieth is an important part. A fiftteenth would be too surreal due to the constant subject movement. It WILL work with the 2100.

About one-third of the "professional" shoot at your link is underlit and some appears to be out of focus. Give the above formula a try.


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