This sat dead for 2 years


This sat dead for 2 years then popped back up it looks like. I have been using media studio 8 for some time now. It is several years old, although I wont say its out of date. It has many built in customizable transitions that all work well, has all the standard video filters, its lacking some things on the audio side, I usually export the audio and use a audio editing program to fix it up, then bring it back in. I have had it crash but very rarely, and it autosaves your work every 10(or what ever you set it to) minutes. I like everything has turned out exactly how it has looked on the timeline. Everything stays in sync and renders correctly. It supports HD video content, though I have never tried it, my cameras are both SD. It hasnt been updated for about a year and a half now, so ulead may be out of the serious armature market. They came out with studio 10 and 11 since pro 8 came out. They are both very beginner programs though and have many bugs. Its like what would come with a 300$ video camera. I tried them too but never could get one to finish rendering a movie that had lots of transitions, titles, effects, etc, with out crashing or the sound way out of sync by the end of the movie. Pro 8 is totally a different program.

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