This reminds me of my last

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

This reminds me of my last video production. I wanted to record a scene on a parking lot so I went to the nearest mall too explore possible camera angles. I was walking with the actors explaining the scene that I want and suddenly I heard a whistle. A security guard detain us and start asking what we were doin. I try to explain that I wanted to record in there and he told me that I couldn’t, that I have to talk to the managers of the mall, that is private area, that we cannot take pictures, among other stuff. The worst thing was that we were all dress horrible that day (especially me), he must have tough that we were fugitives or gansgters (Next time I will dress up in a Tuxedo). We thank him for his time and we politely leave. That way too much stuff to do for just two scene, so the solution was simple; Go to another place in the middle of nowhere. This location turn out to be better than I expected, but this is not always be the case. I totally agree with zoobie “Shoot first and ask questions later.”

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