This reminds me of an old


This reminds me of an old school assignment….

I got my ‘addiction’ to video production when I became a videographer in the military. Even when slogging though flamingdeserts or bug infested jungles (BTW, that thing in the bushes is a Tiger….) or trying shoot and hold in my lunch in the back of a fighter,I would always chuckle because someone was paying me to do this! When I got out, I had experience up the wazoo and a reel to match but nobody would hire me. So, since I had always planned to start my own company I just acted on it. Now, many years later though I’ve branched into other areas (writing, publishing, etc.) video production still pays the bills and keeps me rollin’. In truth, any other gig would literally ‘bore me to death’. I’ve been at this for nearly20 years and will most likely be on set when they find me seated in my director’s chair and have to pry the viewfinder ‘from my cold dead hands!’ With me, there’s no choice; ‘Give me video or give me…’ Okay, that’s over the top, but you get the idea.

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