This posting by David at t


This posting by David at Have a look at their youtube channel full of stunning time lapse.

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I would shoot it with these settings:

Use a tripod

Manual focus (very important)

Aperture priority (you don’t want the F-stops changingthe depth of field)

Auto White balance

ISO 200 (lower the better)


With F5.6 and 200 ISO you will get long exposures at night to give
you the lines you want. I’m guessing you will only get about 3-5 second
exposures at night, longer if there aren’t many lights.

Metering can be done 2 ways, full frame (over all average)or
spot. You can put the spot on a part of a building. Over all averages
works most of the time. The cars might throw off the metering.Take
test shots and review them before starting (check exposure and
focus).Try not to get the sun in the shot because it could throw off
the metering making everything too dark.

If you want to do it for 5 hours, I would suggest doing intervals
of 1 minute (300 frames, that’s 10 seconds of video). It’s better to
shoot more then you need. You can always speed it up in post or use the
best part of it. You might want to start 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset,
because with long exposures it will stay light in the sky longer than
you think.

Use RAW files because it’s easier to fix in post.Make sure you
have a big enough memory card and batteries or power supply that will
last. Take the pictures in the highest resolution possible because you
can add effects in post, like zooms, pans and ortilts. I know you are
only doing a 5 second shot, but a slow zoom always looks good.

Good luck!



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