This one fell in my lap.


This one fell in my lap. I was approached by the website design company about doing some video for them. They do a lot of work for realtors. I told them what I could do for them and gave them a price list. Then, like most new projects, I did about 5 of them for free. They put them up on the realtors sites and also a couple on their own site as demos and sent out a mass emailing to say “look what we can do for you now”. It’s kind of funny, realtors are really competitive and they don’t like to see that someone else is doing something that they aren’t. Everyone likes to be cutting edge, and more and more everyone is switching to some form of high speed internet. The website guys like to say they offer video services, the realtors like to say they offer video tours as part of their marketing plan to sell houses, everybody wins, including us. However, this is just my experience with it here in MN. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum who I am willing to bet could do a better job with marketing advice. Good luck.

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