This might help (although


This might help (although you should already have it, or at least a link to it):

Click to access ultra_cs3_help.pdf

I’ve just confirmed that the version you have is all but identical to the version I use so feel free to ask anything specific.

I’m told that AE is much better at keying using the keylight plugin, and that may well be so (and I’m experimenting with it now), but I can achieve excellent results with Ultra. As long as your lighting is set up properly, Ultra will do a fantastic job. I light my screen with cheap halogen work lights (bounced off the side walls and ceiling to light it evenly – it doesn’t need to be very bright, just evenly lit) and to light the subject I use two 5400K softboxes (key & fill) with a 300 watt backlight with magenta gel fitted.

That wasn’t meant to be a ‘how to light your green screen’ – it’s just the setup I use to get good results with Ultra.

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