This may be slightly off-t


This may be slightly off-topic, but still relevant in the sense of possible litigation as result of the music contained in your wedding video.

A word of advice regarding live musicians at weddings – include a clause in your contract with the bride and groom that requires them to obtain a signed release from any live musicians that may be performing at their wedding, allowing any aspect of their performance to be included on the wedding video at no extra cost. Then, ensure that you provide them with a well-composed form for that purpose. This is a simple procedure and avoids any potential hassles from the hired talent after the fact.

Interpretation may vary but, essentially, you are producing a product for which you are receiving remuneration. Any musicians that you record may have a claim for a part of that remuneration, as you did not negotiate a fee with them for inclusion of their performance on your finished production. The argument is that they were hired by the bride and groom for a live performance and this is a recorded performance from which you are benefitting.

The odds of this happening are even less than the odds of getting sued for including the latest pop tune on your video, but why risk it when it can easily be avoided.

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