This isn’t really about yo


This isn’t really about your mics, but if you’re recording audio in the car – do yourself a favor and either tow it on a trailer if you can afford it, or use cruise control.

I learned the hard way that the road noise at 45 does not sound like the road noise at 50 or 55. Set your cruise control as slow as you feel comfortable and let traffic pass you by – don’t get caught up in traffic. Slower speeds are quieter and a consistent background tire vs road hum will save you a ton of headache in editing. Turn off the radio and and fans/heat/AC. Make sure your windows are rolled up tight if the script doesn’t call for them down. Consider adding extra carpeting to the floor. Every little bit you can do to make the car quieter will help.

If you have the option of choosing one car over another, go for the quieter ride.

Regarding mics though… the closer you get to the voice, the less background you’ll have to deal with.

My two cents…

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