This is what the wedding i


This is what the wedding industry is reduced to in my area…

Someone cold calls me, and I don’t know who reffered them…I tell them my price. They hire me, great they don’t, great. Either way it is long hours, low pay for the worst clients.

I advise people that if you are looking to pay less than $1400.00 you’d be better off buying a decent camera or two and getting friends and family to shoot it for you…

you’ll likely get the same or better results as a bargian videographer or photographer, and even then if the work is lousy, at least you got a decent camera or two out of the deal to console yourself with.

The industry is dead except for the occasional high end clientel that get me by word of mouth. There is little you can do in terms of marketing to get work in an area where bottom feeders have devalued the percieved value of the work to the point that brides want hollywood quality filming and editing full event coverage, for $350.00.

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