This is what I start my pr


This is what I start my prospects with…during the consultation I use a check list and take notes. The quote is actually 3 quotes ‘levels’ (bronze silver gold) and, from my experience, make sure your bronze is profitable because many customers ask for bronze and want you to throw in stuff from the other list. Now that I know that will happen it’s easier for me to throw in a feature or two as long as it doesn’t cost – like throw in animated titles (rather than static), throw in 4 minutes of canned music but not stuff I have to shop and pay for.


The cost of production depends on: duration, location, voice over or presenter,
actors, videography, titles, graphics, script, animations, music,
format, delivery, distribution, production design, audio design,
packaging design…

STEP 1 Consultation: It’s important to know what your objectives for the video are. In a 1 hour FREE* consultation
we’ll examine your video idea and see what we need to pull it all
together. There are many types of video: advertisements, documentaries,
testimonials, keepsakes etc. and many ways to treat the production such
as comedy, drama, music… We will provide a time limited quote that
encompasses a variety of price options based on the consultation.

STEP 2 Pre-Production: When you give us the OK we schedule the project and the gathering of the assets needed, such as scripts, talent, music, locations and produce storyboards. At that time
you will be required to pay 50% of the agreed upon production price,
sign an agreement outlining what both parties will be
responsible for, and when, plus you pay 100% of all the production assets. **

STEP 3 Production: We shoot, edit, produce drafts and consult with you to ensure the project objectives are met.

STEP 4 Enjoy your video; Final payment and then delivery of the final product video.</span>
* As long as we are meeting within 50 km, our consultant will gladly meet you.
Otherwise the 1 hour Free consultation will occur over the phone or via
email. Also, consultations requiring more than an hour are subject to
**What this means is, sometimes people want to use copyright materials
in their production. The right to use those material assets, location
fees etc. must be secured before production can begin. Essentially you
pay for the production asset and/or the expenses involved in the
collection of the asset.

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