This is what I know about


This is what I know about Dynamic Link.

On adobeTV, this guy at NAB did a thing where he took an After Effects composition and put it in Encore without rendering. Just slammed it in, I think, like drag and drop editing from one program to another.Then hetested it in Encore tosee if it worked. When hesaw it worked, he went back to After Effects and rendered it out andimported into Encore.This way, he could test it in Encore without rendering out of After Effects both times.

Pretty nifty! He said that all Adobe CS3 stuff can do this.

Also, the Adobe CS3 can render out as Adobe Clipnotes, which you email to somebody. they open it, watch it and then at the bottom there’s a place where they type in comments and critiques, then email back to you. The comments are linked to a specific frame, so you could have comments about each frame, which is useful. You watch it again, see their comments and make the necessary changes. Very Useful when working with a team or submitting to your boss.

Clipnotes and Dynmic Link are just another reason I’d like to get Adobe CS3.

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