This is such a relevant to


This is such a relevant topic, thanks for bringing it up earl. My biggest concern is not DIY because let’s face it, most of us started as DIY-ers and so there is a fine line between loving this and trying to get an extra hundred bucks out of your aunt for having a steady hand at your cousin’s wedding. I must say the reason this doesn’t scare me is because I know how many people are there who are as lazy as I am and would usually rather not have to deal with it. I am definitely a “just pay someone else to have the headache” kind of person. (when it comes to non-video stuff at least)

I mentioned this on dvprofessionals in a similar thread of yours earl, but as for the medium it is certainly going to change and do so quickly. It is hard for wedding videographers to keep up with photographers because of how much easier it is to put the photos out all the time, in a frame for example. So one of the things I do in my company is that I load some of the highlights on an SD card and put it in a nice digital photo frame, that way the video can be as prominent a reminder as the photos. And sometimes is makes them feel a little more comfortable spending the money on having a professional video, since they know that it will be enjoyed more than just when they break out the long boring DVD.

I think that the movement toward solid-state and internet delivery will be a brilliant addition to this industry once, we become able to grasp its power. I bring you back to the wedding photographer because many of them use things like and to have a digital storefront and that way family and friends can go online and maybe grab a picture for themselves with the bride and groom if they want. If video can tap into this usability, and maybe find a way to cater it to our specific industry, I think we will move lightyears ahead.

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