This is still most likely


This is still most likely a problem with the playback device you are using- media player, monitor, camcorder, TV – not the video or DVD contentitself. Windows Media Player has been known for stretching or not correctly showing the video with its aspect ratio. If you are using a monitor, check your computer’s display settings for the monitor and see if it is stretching the graphics of your user interface.

It is also possible that you have saved the video back to your camcorder and using it as a player directly into the TV (e.g. A/V or HDMI) – check the playback settings on your camcorder. Particularly with mine (a JVC Everio), there is a SELECT TV TYPE option (4:3 or 16:9)so that it knows how to adjust it in order to show up correctly on the specified TV type. And last but not least, could you post and show me the type of TV you are using – HD or Standard, fullscreen or widescreen?

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