This is pretty much where


This is pretty much where I was going too. That’s why I wanted to be sure what you were trying to do and with what.

Compusolver is right on with the sync issue BUT… you might be able to pull this off in this particular situation only because when you’re watching a band march around and play music, it would be very difficult if not impossible to tell by looking at them what they are playing. You’ll see someone playing a horn by watching their facial expressions but you won’t be able to tell what notes they are playing.

With that said, you would want to sync up both video clips as close as you can and then drop one of the audio tracks. Do your editing very carefully and you might be able to get it pretty close. The only time you would get trapped is if the band stopped at the end of a song and let’s say they dropped their horns like bands sometimes do. There all you have to do is make sure you are on the original video clip that the sound track came from. If you are on the other video clip, there might be a timing issue when the music stops and the band members bring their horns down. In otherwords you would still hear music when none of them had their horns to their mouths. If you are careful in editing it just might work and no one would know… except you, me and compusolver. 😉

As was stated, creating a two camera project with one camera from two different events is almost impossible to make it look right.


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