This is our first year. Mo


This is our first year. Most sales works out to $600.00 (extended time)

We’re taking average of one per weekend. (Usually don’t attend the full wedding, just the reception).

They set up and man the booth and take it down. The equipment is all gear that has already paid for itself and has been replaced with upgraded equipment.

Everything from the dslrs and video cameras have already been paid in full, also the projector. the sound system is an older Bose system (sounds awesome) we bought outright and upgraded with wifi connectivity, a laptop, and touchscreen remote.

Clients plug thier own ipods in and mix and dj thier own music, we just show them how to use the equipment.

we provide a simple video tutorial for when they book, to train them to set up the cameras and music playlists…

as photos get brought to the booth they are dumped to the laptop and appear on the projector.

after the first dance/cake/flowers etc the raw video goes to a dvdburner unedited. same with the photos.

We keep copies of the raw footage and photos of the cameras for sixty days and if they want editing/photoshop work they can get that separately, we charge extra for editing and photoshopping.

We only have to clear paying the tech (if we’re busy doing a wedding for example) insurance, gas…

We’re putting the service out there to meet a demand that otherwise is going to competitors.

This product is for people on a budget.

People that want artistic creative skillfully done productions, will still take our regular business offerings. Some people want quality and service, not DYI.

like the guys this service is meant to compete against, this service requires one person, one full day and is in the same price range, the set up is designed to prevent bottom feeders from pulling mid range clients away from our regular wedding service…. it is the mid range wedding client that can afford us, but might be tempted(by ridiculously low prices) to scrimp we don’t want to see our competitors profiting off of (or worse, ripping these people off).


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