This is like trying to


This is like trying to remotely conduct another person, on the moon, thru the performance of an appendectomy without being able to see what they're doing . . . . Your Sony camera records . . . . HDV? When you tried capturing directly to PP, did you select the HDV option? Does the Pinnacle box say it's good for HDV? Are you sure that your laptop is capable of handling HiDef?; ie, fast CPU, lotsa RAM, etc . . . . are you using a separate hard drive for your captured video? Geez, there are SO many variables in your situation . . . . . . . . . It does seem kinda cruel that camera manufacturers were cajouled into putting Firewire ports on their cameras, and then computer manufacturers discontinued putting Firewire ports on their computers . . . . . Knowing that Firewire was going to be an issue, I selected motherboards which had Firewire on board when I built my two editing computers.                  "


" That said, it seemed to capture but the clip(s) are not appearing in the project list in PP.  I must be doing something wrong but have gone back through a tutorial again and I am following step by step same process. "   Don't you have to import your media ( browse media ) into your project source files ?

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