This is great Jerron, It g


This is great Jerron,

It gives me a really good starting point. The only thing he did differently from what I want to achieve is it’s speed and the previous images (frames) fading as the ghosts proceed. But that should just be a matter of adjusting the opacity of the preceding frames. It’s going to take some playing with, (I’m not all that experienced with AF,) but I should be able to get what I want. Thanks or the help.

I know that the strength of a forum is to fist search before spitting questions on to it but often I don’t know what the term is for what I need to know. Is there any sort of book or site you know about that has a strong glossary of terms? If I know what to call what I’m looking for I am pretty effective at finding the answer out there regardless of the subject matter.

Thank you very much for your guidance on this. Brian

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