This is as much light as I


This is as much light as I can get at this venue. I’m using a TM900, 3MOS, not great, but does a decent job. My renders look great when I play them on my computer, but when going to youtube not as good.

I just noticed they default to 360! When I went to HD they def. look better, so that’s a big piece, BUT they are jittery and sort of jump a little and are not smooth. Why would that be? You can see it here:

Do you see it? Full screen at 1080 or 720. It looks good, but in her movement there’s sort of waves going down her. Is that interlaced artifacting? If so how can I fix that.

So far that vid is the best I can get which is using .mxf, matching the poject prop’s to the media exactly, then on the render setting just changing the field order to Progressive and the Video Rendering to Best.

How can I stop that wavy jitter stuff? And keep everything nice and smooth on playback?

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