This is accomplished by si


This is accomplished by simple keyframing.

First, drop your photo into your timeline.

Next, drag the playhead to the beginning of the photo or to whatever point you want to begin zooming.

Make sure the photo is selected in your timeline – go up to the Effect Controls tab in your Monitor Window.

Click the triangle twirly next to Motion to open the motion effects.

Click the little stopwatch next to Scale – this turns on keyframes

Now adjust the scale (size) of the picture by changing the scale value from 100 to whatever you want the zoom to begin at.

Now move the playhead to the end of the picture (or wherever you want the zoom to stop)

Go back up to Scale in the Motion menu and adjust the scale of the picture to the size you want the zoom to end on.

Now play the image and you should see the zoom effect.

Hope this was clear enough – if you can’t figure it out let me know – I’ll help all I can!

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