This is a repost. Had copi


This is a repost. Had copied from Word powered by XP and it was massacred by the Video Forum mixmaster. Something has gone kookoo at this forum over the last month or so, as this transaction used to work perfectly.Is there an explanation, tutorial, workaround for dealing with the monstermashup ? I couldn’t stand it, so I deleted the whole thing and started over. I’ve seen complaints by others; now Iknow what they are talking about.

OK here’s my redo of response on subject of what cam to get for 48 hr film project/festival participation:

Agree on PD150. Has XLR inputs (2); 2100 does not. With what you save on renting the SD, think about getting two 150s. Have both running per take.

Audio is a big challenge for 48hr films, the original live recording and stuff that can happen in post. Audio should be monitored on headphones during takes. My suggestion is go with boom mics or second choice lavs on talent and hidden cables to cams. You might get lucky with wireless, but 48 hours is not the time to learn a lot of new things. Over and over I have seen 48 hr films that looked great, were edited cleanly, but the audio was mixed too low, way out of synch, volume up and down, or etc. Am in a big market (DC) with 60 or so films being completed. At least 25% have obvious audio issues.

No matter what, make the completion deadline. You can always play with the project later and fine tune quality, if your film falls a bit short of your artistic vision !! 48 hours has loosened up re the recycling of 48 hour films by the “authors” for other projects, film fests, etc. They used to wanna have more control over the use of project films. This greater freedom for the filmmakers is a real positive thing.

Good luck, stay cool, stay friends, and bring coffee.

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