This is a recurring question


This is a recurring question on this forum. Approach the question from two directions:

1) If this is being done for fun — i.e., as a hobby, or something you want to do for a friend — charge for your out of pocket expenses and a nice dinner when it’s all wrapped up.

2) If you’re considering doing this as a business, take some classes at the SBA (Small Business Administration) and learn how to develop a business plan and determine the cost of doing business.

Think about it: you can make $12/hr at McDonald’s, yet this is all you want to charge for your time and effort, and for amortizing the cost of your equipment, etc. Your five minute project will most likely consume six hours or more of your time — two to three hours to shoot it, another two to three hours to edit and add music and titles. Without knowing your actual costs, $25 to 35 per hour would be a fair charge for someone just starting out in the business. With experience, $75 to 100 per hour would be fair.

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