This is a pretty serious s


This is a pretty serious subject. As always, in the mad dash to incorporate the latest tech funky little things like ‘archiving’ got overlooked when it came to tapeless workflow. Don’t feel bad. Everyone from the big studios to guys like yourself are all trying to figure out how to do this.

Right now your bets are: Oldschool tape back-up, Optical media (DVD, Blu-Ray) and harddrive. Harddrive is king at the moment because of the large storage capacities but as Rob mentioned it’s not 100%. Even with the new SSD’s there seems to be a problem with data volatility in the long term. DVD’s and Blu-Ray are reliable, but the amount of disks needed to back up original or uncompressed material can get tedious and expensive. Oldschool tape backup is the safest, but the technology has moved away from it’s use and keeping equipment around to play it will eventually become impractical.

The ‘plan’ for now is to wait for solid-state media to reach a level of expense to where it is cheap enough to use as videotape or DVD’s are. I’m not particularly fond of that idea because the US and World Economies aren’t working off the ‘things getting cheaper’ mode anymore. So for now, I’m using a combo of harddrive and tape backups. Backing up to 2 or 3 harddrives for me is impractical and a redundant expense. I suggest for those of you backing up to harddrive to do regular ‘run up checks’ on your archival drives and basic maintenance as needed to keep them in working order. The big studios and networks are doing the exact same thing so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for you.

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