This is a great thread and


This is a great thread and imo, a topic that should have its own board; taping of HS Sports. Here in NJ, there are a few companies that will tape a game for coaches, booster clubs, parents and schools. I tape numerous sports, over 150 per HS season (in NJ a football team plays 12 MAX, usually 10 and soccer plays 15-20, field hockey is about 20;

My workflow for FOOTBALL involves:

  1. taping the game (sidelines, booth view & Endzone) – we burn a dvd in booth as we tape;
  2. giving a DVD to the coach immediately after the game – and make copies 3-5 for coaches
  3. Loading the video to HUDL software (
  4. providing parents with DVD’s – either season package of all games or single game DVD
  5. Personal recruiting videos
  6. End of Season Highlights Video at Banquet
  7. We also do photography so we add in Senior photos, posters etc to packages
  8. for some a 3-minute inspirational video for the pregame dinner

But Even here in NJ taping for $20 a game is out of the question. This thread has a ton of info and situations that we stumble into all the time. I would love to address each and every one, but at 9:30 am on a Saturday I am off to tape and pass out equipment for four football games, A field hockey game and an ice hockey game.

All the best and looking forward to much more discussion.

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