‘This is a great project

AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

‘This is a great project and you’ll really be able to put your passion into it.’

‘Hey, with you working on the project it will really take off….’

‘We don’t have the budget to hire you, but we’ll give you credit….

Composite1… your short one-line comments have now made it to my Glory Wall! I’m a small-time producer, I don’t have the gear or the time to be great, or high-end, because I DO have a full-time job doing something else. But I have 30 years of expertise behind me, and provide a clean, well-produced product. All I really expect is some respect for my work, and a bit of compensation, yet I keep getting myself into positions where I get burned. Most of this is my own fault, as I am bad at marketing myself. So I thought this story below was kind of funny…

Out of the blue, yesterday I was presented with a $500 check for a video I did a year ago, that I was told, after the fact, that they had no budget for, sorry. I had no agreement on paper, just a verbal, “I’ll do it for $500, which includes a final DVD with menus”. I didn’t factor in that I was going to have to shoot 3 full days, two of them 10 hours long, or that I’d have to upgrade my editing software and replace my DVD cover printer because my original one failed, (after forking over oodles for new cartridges thinking that was the problem). I didn’t factor in that I had to buy newspeakers and half a dozen miniDV tapes.I certainly didn’t factor in my time.

After handing over the master DVD along with 2 copies, I was told they were under the impression that I was donating my time for the benefit of the organization. (Gotta love beneficent clubs that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity, but expect their members to offer their services for free.) I pointed out, then, that they DO pay their legal member to do legal work for them, that they do pay their accountant member to account, and that they do pay their webmaster to master the web. Their season is over, and they must either have had a change of heart, or found some funding, because they handed me a check that I almost refused, out of pride. But I have my eye on a new tripod head…

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