This is a difficult question


This is a difficult question to answer, even though I was in your exact situation 3 months ago. What has changed? The BMPCC Summer Offer. This cut othe price of the blackmagic pocket cinema cmaera (bmpcc), which records prores and raw, by 50%' down to 495. But now it is over, and the camera costs 995 again. So I think your best choice would be the Pannasonic Lumix G6. No dslr or mirrorless camera in your price range has a headphone jack, but the G6 has a mic jack. You can also attach an external shotgun mic which has a headphone output. Unfortunately, it is not available "body-only". You have to get it with a kit lens, the 14-42. (I use a 14-42 with my BMPCC and it is quite good) This costs $650. You get a $100 BH gift card if you buy it from B&H. If this is too expensive, your next choice is Nikon's entry-level DSLR, the D3300. It also has a headphone jack, but no mic jack. It is also not available body-only, and costs $500 and includes an 18-55 lens. It also includes several free accessories if you buy it from B&H. They are: Ruggard Hunter 35 DSLR Holster Bag  SanDisk 16GB Ultra UHS-I SDHC Memory Card (Class 10)  Luminesque 52mm Circular Polarizer and UV Slim PRO Filter Kits


I hope you find this post useful! Please reply to this comment, and tell me what you end up getting. Thanks.




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