This could be a number of


This could be a number of things.

First, you haven’t mentioned what format you are trying to edit. Is this SD or HD? If HD, what format?

Second, MPEG2 isn’t very good for editing, so you should be converting the video before you edit, which you already stated you are doing. However, you haven’t explained how you’re going about the conversion nor do we know what you’re trying to convert to. You should be using Compressor, but I doubt you have it since you said you’re using FCE. And I can’t tell you how to properly convert because you haven’t mentioned what you are recording.

Third, if you’re not using an external monitor, then you don’t know what you’re video truly looks like. You’re not supposed to believe what you’re computer screen shows you. Since you stated you are using a Macbook, I’m guessing the windows of FCE are small so they all fit in the screen. If the video is not being viewed at 100%, you will possibly see black lines that aren’t really there. That’s why you need an external monitor…so you know exactly what you’re video looks like.

So for us to help you, fill us in the details.

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