This can be easily done us

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

This can be easily done using Paypal and a video player with domain level privacy or password protection (such as Vimeo Plus). First get a Paypal business account (which is free) and create a Paypal payment button with the price you want. Then upload your video to Vimeo and use either password protection or domain level privacy (which let you embed your video to specific places on the web, in this case your website).

After you have this two create a section in your website (better known as a landing page) with the Paypal Buy Now button and a sample of the video (or anything else you want). Your customer will checkout with Paypal and after their payment they will be redirected to your video (you need to make this redirect in your Paypal account). You can also send them the secure URL of the video to their email and I recommend having a downloadable version of the video along with the purchase.

With this method you don’t need any complicated and expensive services, you do it all yourself. Of course, test it out before selling anything.

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