This all seems like a far


This all seems like a far too big of a leap from amateur to hobbyist, but I guess I should be taking the right marketing perspective. I’m not looking for an immediate ‘pro’ title – just looking for a clearer path into the job of freelancing without spending hundreds to thousands of dollars at this point.

I’ll probably end up getting a tripod that is closer to prosumer grade, and maybe even some auxiliary lighting/proquality set of microphones. Right now I live in a small town that is also small in demanding. It’s got radio, but I highly doubt it has a TV station or anything budgeted for the production of video. The up side is that I may build up income faster due to the lack of competition.

Camcorder: I currently own a JVC GZ-MG505 (HDD 3ccd camcorder MSRP-$1,300) that produces a very sharp image display for the price. The color reproduction is also great, but is overexposed and oversaturated. This can be fixed by manual exposure and altering the saturation levels in post.

Tripod: Currently a consumer tripod – $40 from Wal-Mart. Possible attachments to handle may create smoother turns.

Computer: Dell Inspiron E1505 – 1.66 GHz Dual Core, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB 4200 RPM hardrive, 1 TB Maxtor USB/Firewire external hardrive.

Editing software: Using Sony Vegas Pro 9 – quality and performance is great (certainly outstanding compared to my experience with Cyberlink PowerDirector 7). Working on the timeline is essentially lag-free.

Microphone: Currently only a homemade Shotgun microphone made out of PVC pipe with a windscreen – with two mic components purchased from DigiKey. For something built at home, the quality was impressive, though the sound autogain on my camcorder is overamplifying dramatically. I plan on purchasing an external (hook-up)mic attenuator.

Lighting: I currently have no auxilary video lighting, which might be in my budget plans later for around $300-$700.

Headphones: Right now I am using a set of Sylvania wired/wireless switchable set of headphones. The sound reproduction is good, but seems a little flat in the midrange levels compared to most expensive ones.

For now, this is all I’ve got, but the biggest cornerstone of quality video is good skills. I’ve honed up a lot of skills as far as amateur production goes, and I also foresee a great learning curve (I’m also happy with doing it) for starting a video business.

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