Think, Dude are you seriou



Dude are you seriously considering dumping a pro rig for a ‘tourist rig’? Yeah the VIXIA shoots HD, so what? For you HD starting out would be nice but you’ve already got a good camera to start with and you’re still going to need support gear and if you don’t have it already, something to edit your footage on and software to do it with. Face it, unless those newsies you interned with hire you outright, freelancing is going to be your ticket. Potential clients will take you far more seriously if you have a rig that looks the part. I wouldn’t pay you $15+ dollars an hour for you to work on my project with a camera that doesn’t even have a viewfinder unless you had a serious set of chops and the rep to back it up. Keep the camera. You say you have $3k in the kitty left to get additional gear? Roll with that. I only had $4k to start my biz and buy gear! When you go shopping for gear, stick with B&H Photo-Video or ProMax (if you plan to mac it up) and don’t buy the most expensive (mics, batteries, etc. you can find.) Count your blessings. You are way ahead of the game.

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