Think versatility, mobilit


Think versatility, mobility and stability

What good is a device that is limited in its overall uses? If you’re doing Hollywood that’s one thing, but videography these days requires a lot more than a one trick pony. I wanted a video camera stabilizer that could do a lot of tricks. I own a Quad Pod All in One. Its got amazing versatility so you can use it on a tripod when needed, quick release off to go steady handheld, switch to swivel pod mode for lenthy shoots, all fast on the fly. I can mount 2 video cameras to it or 1 video and 1 still camera. It’s very mobile and goes just about anywhere unlike steady cams. I make more money with it too. Not only is it versatile and mobile its easy a lot of fun to use, and its very steady via 4 point stabilization.

Tom Barrera

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