“Think of it like this: If


“Think of it like this:

If your average audio is -12db, you want them to view it at that, and giving them something to reference allows them to do so.

So if your average audio is -12 and you tell them tone is -20, for example, they will set tone to -20. Tone will probably sound low to them because -20 is low, but that’s fine because when it gets to your video, your average audio will be at -12. If they didn’t have tone to use as a reference, they wouldn’t know what you intend your sequence audio to be. So if they assume your -20 tone is -12 they will have tone too loud and when it gets to your video, your sequence audio will be too loud.

I don’t know what else to say if you still dont understand. sorry. “

At first it didn’t make a whole lot of sense….. so I went dipped into a bottle of scotch, and came back to it….. but now….

….I’m gonna need more scotch…


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