They (well, some) ARE a ro


They (well, some) ARE a rough and tough lot to deal with on the whole. And you do have to enjoy it in the first place – like marriage, ya gotta love it! I have had bad experiences, but learned over time when and where (most of the time) to hold and fold. My good experiences, thankfully, have enjoy higher numbers.

Also, failed to say this, and it often usually goes without saying, but should be brought up from time-to-time: Never, EVER deliver the final production without receiving payment in full. AND, if you do accept a check or credit card, make sure the check and/or charge clears before handing over the production. Although they can, of course, and some unscrupulous people will, call their card company and contest the charges on you. BUT once you deliver a video product your powers for negotiating payment are zip. Good luck in court – blood out of a turnip and all that.

And that goes for pretty much ANY product from any client: commercial, band, beauty queen, babe or bride…

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