They way around it is by g

AvatarGrinner Hester

They way around it is by getting them (the hospitals) excited about the free publicity. I can tell you I was laying on an operating table just a couple of days ago. While they were cathing my heart, I pitched a mini documentary to them highlighting their personel, workflow, and record breaking speed in saving heart attack victims. They loved it and the next step is booking it.

What I’m saying is every business deal is in the deal making. Your negotiating talents are what will reward you the best negotiations. Insurance liability is a common way of politly saying no. It’s really no different than the times you work your way into the garage when your car is in the shop though. Yes, there is a yellow line and a sign but there is also a human you can make like you enough to ignore the tape.

Moral: I was 12 when my Dad told me, “son, when I was young, I all the prettiest girls… whoever I had my eye on… The head cheerleader, the home coming queen, Ms Texas… Do you know why?

Because I asked.”

Ask, man. No is not the answer you are looking for so ignore it. Your ability to lead folks into your point of view is a great asset. Confidence is key. Reherse your come backs to negative reactions in the mirror if you must but if we all just said okey dokey to every no, well, none of us would be making videos for a living.

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