>>They cut it togeth


>>They cut it together, edit the sound, create graphics (which may also require graphic design skills), color grading, and maybe even DVD authoring. And I feel that if you are pretty good at all that, and probably more than what I mentioned, then you deserve to be called a professional.<<

But that is part the problem with the situation as well. When all the editor had to do was one thing (cut) there was more time to develop and learn the craft of editing. When you have to learn and keep current on a wider range of skill the level of expertise you have in any one of them will probably decline. The phrase “jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind. Now I am not saying that there are not people who can master a wide range of skills, but from my experience most of the ones who think they have master multiple disciplines (especially those who are self taught) really haven’t. It’s kind of like Gymnastics, it is easier to win a medal in a single event than it is to win in the all around, because the all around had more individual skills in it to master. This is pretty much why in my opinion film and TV editors (for high end TV) tend to have the highest levels of skill in the craft of editing. These industries are still so stratified that all they do is edit.

>>Part of me wants to tell the cocky people that they suck<<

Part of the problem is that it isn’t necessarily an issue with cockiness as much as a lack of understanding/knowledge of the crafts and where ones skill level lies. There are many good and well meaning people through out the world who believe that because they get paid to edit video (usually there own on on small scale productions), or create graphics that they are very experienced and knowledgeable. It is the big fish in a small pond analogy. This is why I suggest that all creative professionals or aspiring creative professionals join professional organizations, attend trade show & seminars, take classes, and read books on the crafts because the more exposure you have to aspects of the industry outside of your comfort/experience zone the more chance for growth you have.

The democratization of technology without an understanding and respect for the craft tends to lead in a decline in the entire craft as a whole. I believe that people need to understand that having an editing program and even knowing it well don’t make you a good editor just as having/knowing Photoshop doesn’t make you a graphic designer.

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