They can be easily keyframed


They can be easily keyframed to your likings, but I did see templates somewhere to do these kinds of excessive cuts.

If you decide to keyframe them, this is how I would go at it;
First paste them all together in the timeline in the order you want. Make sure you do color correction and all other things.
Move the bar to the frame you’d like to be normal (as is) (best to have it only 10 or 12 frames into the clip so the move will be fast) then set keyframes for transform (all items) in the Inspector. This will make sure that from this frame onwards, the clip will perform normal.
Move to the first frame of the cut and change it to whatever (180degrees rotation or zoom in or out)..
This actually doesn’t take that long, so I wouldn’t recommend using a template for it.
This gives you the freedom to do whatever you wish with it.

I’ll be happy to help out on skype or facetime if you need some more explanation, but there is much more on how to keyframe on YouTube.
If you need my ‘live’ help..let me know so we can hook up.

Happy Editing!


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