They all have their follow


They all have their following. Some require specific additional hardware while others are in a format that some of the older PCs have trouble handling. As you can see by the choices, the industry has not helped in that decision.

Most of the newer systems out there are going solid state (using cards of one type or another). Because of the lack of moving parts, they tend to be a little more robust and won’t have issues with heads wearing out or motors failing. But they have additional costs associated with them as well. You can still get a reasonable number of tapes for the cost of one card, but you can use the card multiple times and most use tape only once.

Tape has to be converted or capturedinto something the PC can work with, while cards, DVDs, and hard-drives can transfer files.

Thats just a light covering of your question. I am sure others will add their experience to this as well.

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