TheXL2 in most cases is ac


TheXL2 in most cases is actually more expensive than the XHA1. The primary reason for this is because the XL2 eventhough it is SD, has an interchangeble lens system that isa necessityfor some professional videographers, however, it is very unlikey for most people to utilize this feature. Most of the other lenses that you would use for this cameraare around $1400.

Having said that…I think the XH-A1 is the way to go. It is less expensive because it only has a fixed lens system just like most of the prosumer cameras on the market.

If you are a little worried about working with HD, you can always downconvert the footage to SD while you capture in realtimeso you won’t have to worry about being stuck with HD if you can’t handle it yet….The added bonus is that HD converted to SD is precieved to be better than regular SD.

Basically, If you go with the XH-A1, you’ll beall set for HD whenyou’re ready and you’ll pay less and still be able toedit SD footage that will look a little better than your typical SD.

The only thing you are really sacraficing in not getting the XL2 is the shoulder mount and the interchangeable lens system that you really don’t need.

You can always buy a shoulder mount for the XHA1 if you want.

If you want the interchangeable lens system on an HD camera, cannon also makes the XL H1, but it’saround $6,000 and like I said, It’s doubtful you’ll everuse the interchangeable lens system.

I think the XHA1 is calling your name.

Pretty easy huh?

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