Thermal printers really ar


Thermal printers really are the way to go. They print fast, super high quality,dry instantly and are waterproof. The only downside is that they aren’t cheap. The full color printers start at over $1000. However if you don’t have to have FULL color, you could get a single color printer. I’ve got a Primera Signature Z1 printer. They go for about $140 (maybe less now). It’s a GREAT printer. And you can use ANY type of discs to print on. Generally, I’ll use the reflective style of Verbatim discs and print black on them. Looks GREAT and works really well. Also the ribbons for them are super cheap. $15 for a ribbon that’ll print about 200 discs.

Just something to consider. You may want to check out all of Primera’s products. Good stuff

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