There’s one more leg of the


There’s one more leg of the triangle, you need a “Synchronous License” in addition to any of the above. This allows a song or music to be used “in synch” with your images. The performance is one thing, the music another, and the music in synch with video constitutes the third. The music publisher can release these rights without dealing with the band, or in the case of a garage band, maybe they can release it (but for sure not if it is a cover of a song by an another group). The other need is for a Master Use license, in the case of music prerecorded (Maybe a 50’s hit). Get it from the copyright holder, usually the publisher.
Not related to music videos, use of Needle drop music is the exception, or if you have a band make up the music and perform it for you under a (“For Hire” agreement) releasing any rights to the music to you. Even then, I’d get signed releases on everything. No signatures, you are basically out of luck.

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