There’s no “right” answer to


There's no "right" answer to your questions: it's a matter of business ethics and contracts. You must sit down with a client and work out who-owns what and how what you shoot can be used.


For example, if you're shooting "B" roll footage of the Great Barrier Reef, a client might be perfectly amenable to having you use that footage on another project. Or they might say it's o.k. but expect you to pay a royalty to them — after all, you did shoot it on their time.


The important thing is to discuss this up front with your client and incorporate the details very specifically into your contract. No room for misunderstandings, nothing behind the client's back.


As for your last queston, I think you're better off having a committment before you begin any production work, rather than trying to sell a project on speculation. Pitch the idea to the organization and see what kind of interest they have. And don't be too surprised if they listen, like the idea, then hire another company to develop it. It happens all the time, simply a reflection of the lack of ethics in the business world.

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