There’s no reason why a


There’s no reason why a competent videographer would need assistance in doing what you’re asking. The perception of image quality will be determined by the viewer, based on the location of the taping. In other words, my expectation of lighting in a hut lit by firelight will be different from what I expect to see in a high rise condo in Djibuti. As long as the light is adequate for recording there shouldn’t be a need for supplementals.

The IPad as teleprompter works well; mount it on a lightweight tripod and you’re in business. Add a wireless lav to complete the kit.

As far as budget is concerned, make it easy on yourself. You (the Producer) pay for all travel and lodging costs. You can determine these in advance fairly easily. Next a per diem allowance for meals — $50 per day would barely be adequate in much of Europe, Japan, and Great Britain, but you can negotiate this with your videographer. I don’t think I would approach this from the “per day of shooting” scenario. You’re going to involve your videographer in lots of travel and lots of hoofing it when he/she arrives at each site. I’d be inclined to think in terms of a weekly, monthly or even an annual salary. If I were setting up this project I’d think in terms of $1000 to $1500 per week, perhaps more, for what would surely be a 50+ hour week.

There aren’t pie-in-the-sky figures; I’ve based them on the arrangements of videographers who does legal depositions all over the country, and others who travel extensively in their work.

Good luck.

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