There’s more to editing th


There’s more to editing than cutting (or not cutting) on the beat. Sometimes there are obvious beats that will feel dull if you don’t hit those beats, but in my opinion editing is more about the pace, timing, and “story.”

I don’t think your video is bad at all, but it’s also kind of hard to weigh cutting on the beat vs off the beat when I only have one of those scenarios to evaluate. Sure, your edit doesn’t feel uneasy or jarring, but maybe cutting on the beat more often really would give the piece more energy. It’s hard to say without seeing a version that cuts on the beat…

My only criticism is the pace remained the same after that transition at 1:00. I would have picked up the pace after that and tried to make it more exciting.

If your client wants you hitting on all the beats, then do it. He hired you to give him what he wants; not to educate him and tell him whats better. If you don’t like the piece, then just don’t add it to your reel. Or don’t work for him in the future.

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