Thereare small inexpensive


Thereare small inexpensive testers that you can plug into an outletto check it, proper grounding etc. After reading about your experiences I will probably add this to what I carry although I usually don’t need to use ac power on site. You could also use this to ‘test’ your extension cord by plugging into the female end of the cord after pluging the extension cord into a tested outlet. If static electricity is the issue, any charge could cause a problem for the sensitive electronics in our computers, camcorders, voice recorders etc. Perhaps we should make a habit of discharging static electricity especially while wokrning on carpets as EarlC suggested. I know something else to keep in mind while shooting.I wonder if using the tripod with the metal spikes exposed makes a difference one way or another. Forewarned is forearmed. An ounce of prevention etc..

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