There seems to be a LOT of


There seems to be a LOT of confusion and misinformation here. A computer WILL output a high-def, 1080P signal–it just depends on the video circuitry. I currently have a Geforce 7300GT video card outputting an internal HD-DVD ROM drive’s signal, via a regular monitor cable, to a normal (non-widescreen) 19″ LCD. I canNOT fit the entire image on the monitor (and I think it almost broke my monitor, as it offset the picture, and I had to connect the monitor to my laptop and play with the display resolutions to get the monitor to get re-centered again). I have to get a widescreen monitor just so I can watch the entire, 1080P, picture. That’s using Power DVD-HD, and AnYDVD-HD (withOUT an HDCP-compliant monitor). I can’t even shrink the video to fit in the space–my monitor just can’t handle the signal.

I was attracted to this forum to see whether a 1080P signal would fit on any widescreen monitor (but non-1080P). My thinking is “yes,” but I’m unsure. I’m probably going to get the Full HD Dell 22″ monitor, that goes for $238 at

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