There is this webpage http

Luis Maymi LopezLuis Maymi Lopez

There is this webpage that have some sets that you may find interesting. Of course you need to buy them. I do the following: I download a picture of a virtual studio set from google (Not an actual news studio. You may get in trouble) and put my newscast logo somewhere in the picture in Photoshop. Then I record the talent with greenscreen, chromakey it and finally I use the NLE to make it look like there are on the desk. You can see this at the beginning of this footage: (NOTE: The weather forecast are in Spanish)

As for the weather maps, that depends on what exactly do you want to show your audience. There are hundreds of weather related maps. Model, radar, satellite, wind, pressure,etc. What exact areas do you want to cover in your newscast? Do you want your audience to know if its going to rain, a tornado, thunderstorms or for stormchasing purposes? Tell me what to look for and I will give you the weather maps links.

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