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There is the place where you start and a place that you are going to. If you buy the cheapest components, you will end up throwing them away. If you can get good enough components to last a few upgrades you'll be better off. If you can get good sticks you can upgrade the video head. If you get a decent microphone you can keep it when you add more. Good quality products can be resold or repurposed. The GL2 is a good camera. I'd go for a decent set of sticks with a decent video head (I'm thinking you'll eventually will go multicam and this will be your second camera and tripod). Get a Tascam D40 and use that for your audio, hide it close where you need it and sync it in post. Eventually you'll need a shotgun and wireless. Gerry


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The best video monitors — 2021

We rely on our video monitors to show us an accurate representation of our images throughout the production process. Here are some of the best video monitors currently on the market.