There is such a service an


There is such a service and channel – it is fairly new but I actually saw it live and in action last weekend at an event. Check out– the site appears to still be in development phases, but I saw a demo of this with the folks from TodoCast. The TodoCast Kit offers a complete turnkey capability to shoot, stream and distribute (either live or archived) video and at either a cost or no cost basis. As a TodoCast partner, you can create your own channel, list programming and manage your player. The TodoCast Kit provides a portable satellite antenna that mounts to a SUV, and literally within minutes and the push of a button the feed is live on the web. This was honestly the coolest thing I saw. The event was an underwater event – so to be able to see live video via satellite foran underwater event as it was happening from my laptop was truly remarkable. I did some research on live video webcasting and found some recent press on TodoCast. I’ve included a link here for anyone who want to read more about the company.

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