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There is nothing special about the yellow cable. You can use any RCA to RCA cable to connect the camcorder. The question is, what are you planning on connecting to? Computers are unable to use analogue video. You have to have some device that converts analogue signals into digital signals, an analogue to digital converter a.k.a. as a digitizer. There are DVD players that let you capture analogue video & put it on a DVD. But they are a bit expensive and not very common. Select Sony Digital8 camcorders can play an 8mm or Hi8 recording and send the signal to your computer via Firewire (also known as ILink or the IEEE 1394 port.) But I’d guess you don’t already have the port since the majority of computers don’t include it. Before we can do more for you, we’ll need to know about this kind of stuff.

As have as the tape goes, what you are describing sounds a lot like an end of tape problem. Videotape devices all sense the end (or beginning) of a videotape the same way. Both ends of the videotape have a clear leader. But if the leader is exposed, or very close to being exposed, the camcorder cannot pull the tape out of the cassette. So to fix the problem, you have to wind the tape 3 or 4 revolutions one way or the other. But to move the tape, you have to release the tape lock. So turn the tape upside down. There are two tape spools and two holes on the bottom of the tape. One round hole and one square hole. At the back of the square hole is a little plastic tab, push the tab back and you will be able to turn the tape spools. You want to choose the spool with the least tape on it and rotate it to pull tape from the other spool onto the empty spool. If the tape is at the beginning, you need to turn the take-up spool counter clockwise. If the tape is at the very end, turn the supply spool clockwise. The directions are based on the tape lying on its top with the holes exposed. Be sure to keep the plastic tab held back so the spools will turn. And you must be very careful to only turn the tape spools the directions I described. Turn either of them the wrong way and you’ll jam the tape into the cassette.

Hopefully this will get the tape working. You might want to try a new tape in the camcorder, to figure out if the problem is with the tape or the camcorder. Let us know how it goes & we can start from there.

Good luck, I’m looking forward to hearing how this goes.

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